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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Faucets PTC Shortlinks

 Faucet lists

 Althub Every 30 min faucet 5 althcoins claim,Manuel faucet,PTC,Shortlinks,Offerwall, payout: Direct wallet or Faucetpay adress min payout :500 Coin Payment: Bitcoin,Doge,Litecoin,Tron,Solana,Digibyte,Dash,Zcash

 Hilano  Every 3 min faucet 40 coins claim,Faucet,Mad faucet,Shortlinks,Viev Ads,Quick task, payout: Faucetpay min payout :100 Token    Payment: Bitcoin,Doge,Litecoin,Tron,Solana  per 5 min faucet claim,PTC,shortlinks payout: Faucetpay payout min:30 Token    Payment: Bitcoin,Doge,BNB,Tron,Digibyte,Litecoin,Solana

Coinoto per 3 min  faucet claim,

Claim TRX  Every 2 min faucet 100.000 coins claim,Faucet,Auto faucet,Shortlinks,Viev Ads, task,Lottery payout: Faucetpay min payout :100 Token    Payment: Dash,Doge,Litecoin,Tron,BCH,Tetter,Feyorra  per 1 min faucet,PTC,shortlinks payout: Faucetpay No limit

Adsbitly Per 5 min faucet 40 Token win,PTC,Shortlinks,Lottery payout: Faucetpay min payout:1000 Token Payment Bitcoin,Tether

Coinpayz  Per 5 min Faucet 50 Coins,PTC,Shortlinks,Mining,Offerwall payout: Faucetpay min payout:1000 Coins

Claimcoins Per 5 min Faucet 880 Ltc

99Faucet Per 5 min Faucet 30 Token,PTC,Shortlinks,Paid Ads payout: Faucetpay min payout:1000 Token

 Coinfly Per 5 min Faucet 30 Token,PTC,Shortlinks,Auto Faucet payout: Faucetpay min payout:1000 Token

 Payment Bitcoin,Tron

Claimsatoshi per 1 min Faucet 40 Token, PTC,Shortlinks,PTC,Shortlinks,payout: Faucetpay min payout:1 Token

 Payment Bitcoin,Litecoin,Tron

Coinpot  Per 5 min Faucet 30 Token,PTC,Shortlinks,Mining,Offerwall,Daily bonus,payout: Faucetpay min payout:1000 Token

 Payment Bitcoin,Litecoin,Tron,Dash,Binance Coin,USDT,Ethereum

Cryptonline Per 10 minFaucet 0,006 $,PTC,Shortlinks,Auto Faucet,Offerwall,Lottery,payout: Faucetpay min payout:1 Token

 Payment Bitcoin,Litecoin,Tron,Dash,Doge,Solana

Water Faucet  Per 2 min Faucet 100 Token Auto Faucet,payout: Faucetpay min payout:5000 Token

  Payment Bitcoin,Litecoin,Tron,Dash,Doge,Solana,Feyorra

 Coincet Per 1 min Faucet, 0,004 $ claim, min Payout 0.01$

LiteFaucet  Per 3 min Fauce,0.006 $ payout: Faucetpay min payout: 0.05 $

   Payment Tron,Solana

Fire-crypto per 15 min Faucet 100 Token, PTC,Shortlinks,PTC,Shortlinks,payout: Faucetpay min payout:1000 Token Payment Bitcoin,Litecoin,Tron,Dash,BCH

ClaimSolana  Per 1 min Faucet 180.000  Coins, PTC,Shortlinks,Lottery payout: Faucetpay min payout:No minimum Payment : Solana

Arbweb every 1 min Faucet 6 Token,Auto faucet, PTC,Shortlinks,Task,Level system with % Bonus,Faucetpay min payout:No minimum Payment: Feyorra

Coinadster every 10 min faucet win 10 bits , PTC,Shortlinks,Task,Level system,  min payout:500 Sat Payment:Faucetpay Bitcoin

Kpanda every 3 min Faucet 75 Token,Manuel faucet,PTC,Lottery,Task,Offerwall,Min payout:750 Coins Payment:Faucetpay  Bitcoin,Tether

Cryptosad  every 5 min faucet win 70 Token , PTC,Shortlinks,Task,Level system,  min payout:100 Token Payment:Faucetpay Bitcoin,BNB

Clamier Corner   every 3 min faucet win 50 Token , PTC,Shortlinks,Task,Level system,  min payout:100 Token Payment:Faucetpay Bitcoin,BNB,Digibyte,Dash,Tron

The Best Faucets


Best Cripto: The Best Auto Faucet

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Free Bitcoin

Freebitcoin was created back in 2013 and was supposed to be a Bitcoin Faucet where you were able to Claim 0,002$ - 200$ worth of Bitcoin every hour directly in your Bitcoin Wallet. A simple game where you can hit the number 10000 for the top prize after verifying that you aren't a Bot with google Captcha. From the beginning, you could also Multiply your Bitcoin in a High/Low Game which is provably fair and trackable through Seeds. Through the years Freebitcoin became more innovative and added Daily Accumulating Interest on Balances, Betting on many different things like Monthly Bitcoin Price Predictions, Lottery, and the Golden Ticket where one Lucky Winner gets a Lamborghini.
We have made a pretty good explanation of what every Single feature of Freebitcoin is, How to use it, and how to benefit from it.


The “Free BTC” feature is like the Name says, you can Claim every 60 minutes Free Bitcoin and yes, you heard it right, it's totally free. So every hour you have the chance to hit the number 10000 and get 200$ worth of Bitcoin. If we look at this from the other side you should hit the number 10000 every 10000 times which means it can be your first or also your last Roll. You also receive a certain number of Lottery Tickets & Reward Points for every free Claim. Personally, I have made 4500 Claims so far and I got a 1-second prize already. The Freebitcoin Bitcointalk Topic of the biggest Wins proves every hater wrong since tons of people have gotten the number 10000 already. If you are one of those Winners you’ll get an extra 5$ in your Bitcoin Wallet if you post the proof of your Win on this Topic. Happy rolling! 


You can multiply your bitcoins a simple provably Fair H/L Game. You can Bet a certain amount of Bitcoin on a number higher than 5250 or lower than 4750. Everything that is in between is a loss. You can place different Odds on your Bets which lets your hit number go up or down and give you a better chance to win. You can Multiply the Odds from x1.01 - x4750 plus you can select the Jackpot and win by rolling the number 8888.

How this game is provably fair?

The Freebitcoin Betting feature is quite new and introduced in late 2019. You can bet here on various Events like Sports, Oscars, President Elections, or what the Bitcoin value will be by end of the month. The System is not a traditional betting System as it rewards you for being early into the bet with an extra called “Time Weight Multiplier” which works like in the picture below.
The Odds are not that important here since an Odd which is 1,20 on traditional betting bookmakers can be 1,05 on Freebitcoin but the Time Weight Multiplier can make your Odd back up to 1,30 if you are one of the early betters.
Same as on the Multiply game you get 1 free lottery ticket and 1 reward point for every 0.00000500 BTC that you wager & 1 free golden ticket for every 0.00500000 BTC that you wager!


The “Lottery” on Freebitcoin is really huge with 200+ Million Tickets given every week. Same like all other things here this Lottery is “Provably Fair” through the algorithms we explained above in the “Lamborghini Lottery”

You can buy Lottery Tickets for 1 Satoshi per Ticket. The Tickets are based on Bitcoin price which means if Bitcoin falls under 5000$ the Ticket price will increase by 100% to 2 Satoshi per Ticket. But you don't need to buy the Tickets really since with 200+ Million Tickets the chance that you win is like in a regular Lottery and goes to zero. You earn these Tickets anyway with every free Claim you participate in on Freebitcoin so as for every 500 Satoshi you Wager on Dice or Betting.


The “Referral Program” feature is simple like everything else that has an Affiliate Program. You basically have your own Freebitcoin Referral-Link which you can send to friends. Once they register with your Referral Link you will earn 50% Commission on all their Free Bitcoin Claims so as 0,4% of all their Wagered Bitcoins.

You have also some options to keep your Referrals motivated like Auto-Ref-Back which is an option to set an amount you want to share of your commission 1-100%.



“FaucetCrypto Review 2020”

Faucetcrypto is much more than a faucet and offers a variety of ways to earn “Coins” that have a value in BTC. Previously Faucetcrypto was on Faucethub and always paid members out 100%. Now they offer Faucetpay and Direct Wallet Withdrawals. They have your basic faucet to start as well as Shortlinks, PTC Ads, and Offerwalls. They have an affiliate program and offer advertising also.

“Earn Coins”

As stated in the Introduction you can earn coins which then can be converted to BTC and many other altcoins. The amount you are rewarded varies with the fluctuations in the Bitcoin Price. To earn easily and effortlessly you can claim from the faucet every 40 minutes.

Faucets PTC Shortlinks

  Faucet lists   Althub Every 30 min faucet 5 althcoins claim,Manuel faucet,PTC,Shortlinks,Offerwall, payout: Direct wallet or Faucetpay a...